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About Me

Heather fell in love with art at the age of five when her mother enrolled her in art lessons at their local museum. She pursued art throughout high school, but, like many artists, an aversion to starvation led her to pursue other interests in college. Nevertheless, she knew art would always be there, temporarily tucked away in a nice, warm corner of her heart.

After school, marriage and the birth of her children, the time was right to allow herself to return to her art. She spent the next ten years experimenting with charcoal and acrylics, dabbling in oils and pastels, testing pen and ink. Through private instruction, workshops and a whole lot of practice, she was finally ready to formalize her natural talent by earning a Master of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco’s famed Academy of Art University.

She paints landscape, figure and portrait, but her favorite is children’s picture book art. She enjoys creating art that engages and delights children through the telling of a story. She has five published picture books, The Swing, Clover and The Shooting Star, Five Hungry Mice, Cory and the Seventh Story, and The Monster in My Basement.

She plans to continue to create pictures and stories for children as long as there are children who love stories and pictures.

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