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Heather loves to share her picture books and art creation process with young children and welcomes appearance inquiries  by your school or group.  Her work resonates with children ages 3 – 8.   She presents her artwork, her art process, and the inspiration behind her work.  She also involves the children in a simple drawing demonstration that makes for a fun activity and gets the children’s creative juices flowing.

Honorarium for Appearances

Local Events (Western New York)
$1000 per day
Travel Events (an hour or more ouside of Buffalo
$1800 per day plus travel and lodging

Appearance Details

  • Heather can do up to three presentations a day
  • Each session is about 45 minutes long with a participatory drawing exercise and Q&A
  • Due to preparation required for each event, Heather is unable to do 1/2 day visits
  • Presentation can be divided between multiple rooms or multiple locations within the same district (if transportation is provided)
  • There is a $500 discount if books are sold (either pre-sale or during the event)
  • Accommodations can be made for the new realities of COVID – let’s have a discussion.

Heather’s presentation can be tailored for older students or even adults who may be interested in the illustration process and would like to learn some of the tricks of the trade as well as see some work in progress.

When you are ready to arrange an event, or have questions, please contact me.

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